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What Is Web Page Design?

What is Web Page Design?

If you think web pages are just text and images on a web page, then you have not come across the right kind of website design!

Web design encompasses a variety of skills and disciplines within the production and management of websites.

The various disciplines of web design encompass web graphic design; web user interfaces design; content writing, including standardized coding and proprietary software; and user experience design.

Web design also encompasses web hosting and maintenance.

The field of what is web page design began with the dawn of the World Wide Web.

Initially, there was no specific terminology and people and businesses were able to communicate using any language and any platform that suited their needs (even typewriter code! ).

In order to facilitate interactive e-commerce solutions for business owners and web developers alike, developers and designers combined their collective knowledge and experience to form a vocabulary and world view known as the WYSIWYG, or what you see is what you get web design.

The advent of the internet made it possible for what is web page design and development to move beyond the realms of typewriter code and into the live, digital environment of the World Wide Web.

The WYSIWYG process had profound effects on the field of website development.

Many websites were developed in Flash and Java.

More impressive websites used sophisticated integrated technologies such as ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, and JavaServer Pages (JSPs).

Today, the majority of websites use HTML as their primary source of content.

What is Web Page Design and why should you consider hiring a web designer and developer?

Web design and development projects can take anywhere from one day to several weeks or more to complete depending on the complexity of the task.

A basic web page usually takes between one and six hours to design and develop depending on the size of the project and the complexity of the task.

However, if you take into account that a Flash site may require more than six hours to complete, you will be surprised how quickly you can go from designing what is essentially a business card with some basic HTML coding to a website that includes many components and interacts with the rest of the internet using JavaServer Pages.

The average web page will contain about twenty to thirty components.

These components communicate with one another through an application programming interface or APIs.

These codes are enclosed inside “elements” which define the appearance and behavior of the final product.

Elements may consist of text boxes, drop-down menus, buttons, image selections, forms, and other graphics.

Even though a WYSIWYG web page may contain over fifty components, each of these components is only about a few hundred words long, making a WYSIWYG website impractical for most small businesses.

If you want to learn what is web page design, you must first understand what goes into the process.

You must also know how much time it takes to create a basic web page.

And you must also know what kind of information the average web designer spends eight to fifteen hours a day creating a basic web page.

Now imagine having the ability to cut out all of the HTML and convert that plain, boring, vanilla HTML code into a WYSIWYG-in-mini-form using something like Dreamweaver.

All of this would happen in a fraction of the time it would take to simply write the code in a text editor!

The result is that you would have an amazing little tool that can help you create stunning-looking pages in half the time it would take a professional.

An amazing bit of software that will help you create amazing looking websites, in half the time it would take a professional, and best of all it will be completely automated.

In this way, you can sit down in front of your computer at any time of the day and use what is called a ‘dream maker’ to create an amazing basic web page using HTML coding which has been optimized for you.

These Dreamweaver extensions are amazing, and a very quick way to learn what is web page design.

What Is Web Page Design?

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