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What is Meant by Web Development?

What is meant by web development is an ongoing process that has been happening for decades. WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a vast geographical network, which has allowed people to interact across the world. The first WAN was established at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1965, and was subsequently named ARPANET. The US Department of Defense funded the project. Today, web development is a complex process involving many different disciplines, including Front-end development, HTML, CSS, Database management, and much more.

Front-end development

While programming can be very binary and prescriptive, there are elements of creativity, knowledge, and ingenuity that contribute to a successful front-end web development project. For example, in front-end web development, you may use HTML and CSS to create a user interface. You may also incorporate user-facing libraries and learn JS or JavaScript. You can expect to see an increasing number of projects that require front-end developers to integrate these technologies.

To become a front-end developer, you will need to build a strong portfolio. While some companies will not require a portfolio, the majority will. Portfolios showcase your best work, highlight the process you used to create each piece, and present each piece as a case study. To get started, try signing up for an online course in HTML and CSS. You can also take self-paced HTML training. There are plenty of courses available online, and some are even self-paced.


A website is built using the principles of HTML web development. HTML provides the framework for creating a structured document, which is essential for the creation of effective websites. HTML also provides ways to integrate interactive forms. Tags, written with angle brackets, delineate each of the elements. They introduce the content of a web page and may include sub-elements. This article will explore some of the most important elements used in HTML web development.

While HTML is not an authoring language, it is the foundation for all web development. Programmers use HTML to build their pages, and they must follow its syntax. HTML forms the skeleton for a webpage, so learning HTML is crucial for web developers. Other important skills to master include CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript. Regardless of the specific field you choose, knowing HTML is essential for a rewarding career in web design.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a key component of web development. They create uniform styles and allow for easier customization. They also help to create unique presentation on different types of sites. CSS enables the developers to create complex styles and layouts that vary based on various nominal parameters, such as explicit user preferences, web browsers, device type, and geographic location. This technology is used to create site-wide styling, which means that changes to the look and feel of a website can be made quickly without affecting other elements.

One of the greatest benefits of CSS is that it allows websites to interact with users in ways that are user-friendly and engaging. This can increase user engagement and improve accessibility on low-end devices. Additionally, CSS allows developers to experiment with different layouts and styles, which makes websites faster to download. As the web continues to grow, CSS is a great way to get started on building the perfect site. The future of CSS lies in the possibilities!

Database management

A degree in computer science or information technology is typically required for database management jobs. You may want to pursue specific software certifications as well. Having some practical experience may also help you secure a position. Whether it’s database management for online shopping applications or a relational database for CRM systems, database management is an essential part of web development. You can learn more about database management by reading more about the various types of databases available.

The field of database management has roots dating back to the 1960s when Charles W. Bachman created the Integrated Database System, which IBM subsequently responded to. This was a far cry from the modern navigational databases that we use today. The development of the internet expanded the scope of database use and led to the development of structured query language. There are various technologies available today that make this type of system both simple and powerful.

What is Meant by Web Development?

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