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The Web Design Process

A Web design process is basically a documented schedule of the steps required to be carried out from beginning to end to complete an average Web design project.

It classifies and breaks down the work into different projects and tasks and then breaks each high-level segment into reusable resources and tasks that are used as an itinerary for each ongoing project.

The documented Web design process also includes information on the technical details of each project so that the scheduling and deadlines for all projects can be well-informed.

This way, deadlines can be set for each Web project based on the requirement that comes first.

A Web project starts with the idea behind it, which is referred to as the topic.

Next is the need to create a visual layout of how the topic should look and proceed further to the actual Web page creation.

A Web project consists of a number of basic and important Web design steps.

It includes content creation, site structure, designing, testing, and user testing.

The various steps in the web design process are clearly listed and described so that other Web project steps can be easily accessed.

A thorough web design process includes designing, testing, and testing the different components of a website.

This is the first step in the entire procedure.

In the designing process, one has to be clear about the target audience and what kind of information they would like to see on the website.

This will help in designing the website, so that the site will suit the interest of the targeted audience.

After this, it will be followed by coding, the use of HTML or XML, layout, and navigation.

Another important part of the web designing process is the coding part.

This is usually done by programmers who are hired by the web design team.

In this step, they are responsible for adding, editing, and sometimes removing codes from a particular page.

Some steps in this step include code validation, error message creation, and error message extraction.

Once the website is well-coded, the next step that has to be carried out in the web designing process is the site structure.

A “wireframe” is the initial phase of the web designing process.

In a “wireframe”, a rough idea of the website is sketched out.

This idea is represented in the form of an image, JavaScript code, or text.

In web design, wireframes are the initial framework of the website without any design or changes being made to it at all.

Before designing a website, it is crucial that a “wireframe” is made.

The second step in the web design process is the designing of the website.

In this phase, a more detailed version of what the client wants is made.

It is often recommended to work in different browsers with different settings so as to test if the site will look the same across all browsers.

It is also important that each browser be tested so that the site will function correctly on all platforms.

If the site does not properly work on the different platforms, it may cause frustration to the client since the process was started without making sure that everything will work according to the client’s needs.

The web design process must be made a success because web designers are the ones who will be responsible for making the website functional.

They have to make the web pages user-friendly and search engine friendly to ensure that they will rank high in the search results of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important to do well in business because the number of visitors expected to arrive at the site is also a big factor.

There are many things that web designers can do to achieve the desired result and they include making the pages interactive, creating content management systems, and using testing methods and tools during the web design process.

Most web design process includes building prototypes and wireframes.

Prototypes are simple versions of websites that are designed with the intention of providing technical information to clients.

Wireframes are the exact graphical representation of what a website will look like.

While these two are different from one another, both are essential to the web designing process.

The Web Design Process

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