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How to Make a Website Portfolio

Are you still wondering how to make a website portfolio? It is indeed an art form that demands dedication and time. You have to work on it everyday. Creating a website portfolio is like creating a store or a gallery where people can see and buy your works. It gives you the opportunity to show different works and talents that you possess.

How to make a website portfolio is not only about showcasing your skills, but also makes you confident of the things that you can offer to your potential employers. Your portfolio must represent not only your talents, but must exude confidence as well. Your website portfolio is a reflection of who you are. The goal of how to make a website portfolio is to project an image of your self.

A lot of people say that your looks determines how to attract your ideal clients. But then, who says looks determine the outcome of a person? Looks alone do not guarantee success. On the other hand, a good, well-prepared and properly presented portfolio will definitely be worth all the effort you put into it.

There are some things that should be included in your portfolio. First, you have to decide what to put in it. Then you have to follow the tips and guidelines that would make your portfolio more presentable. When making a website portfolio, it is important to show the quality of your works and your ability to deliver. Here are some ways on how to make a website portfolio:

  • a. Think of your website as an art work. Remember that your portfolio should reflect not only your technical expertise, but also your creative and artistic sensibilities. You have to make your website as if it is a showcase for your talents. Make sure that your website is updated, and that you showcase your best works in your portfolio.
  • b. You have to understand that as a website owner and designer, your clients would want their designs to be presented professionally. You have to have an eye for design, and know how to make a nice website that would make your client happy. Of course, you do not want to end up giving your clients the designs they really wanted.
  • c. Make sure that you include testimonials from your past clients. This is very important because your prospective client sees your portfolio. If they would like to contact you, then they would see that you’ve done something right. The testimonials would mean that you have credibility in this field.
  • d. Make use of the latest graphics and cutting-edge technology in your website portfolio. You can see these tools and techniques on the Internet. This would be your chance to prove yourself to your potential client.
  • e. Be creative. There are a lot of websites that are already out there, and most of them do not even require that much creativity from the owner. This is why you should not be afraid of creating your own website portfolio. Create one that is somehow unique and alluring enough.
  • f. Do not be so eager to give your client all your works. You can’t let him or her see all your ideas and designs just because you’re eager to build your portfolio. You should remember that your client might choose to hire you, and that you should be able to deliver all your promises and specs. Give your best, but avoid showing your portfolio all at once. Let it build up gradually. Then, show off your best designs later on.
  • g. Keep your portfolio simple. This is a very important advice that you need to follow in making a website. A website is very different from a blog. A blog can easily be transformed into a portfolio, so you should do the same with a website. Do not try to overwhelm your potential client with too much details and images.
  • h. Be consistent with your work. Always work on a particular website or a certain portfolio everyday, no matter how busy your schedule might be. This would help you avoid getting lost in the hubbub of the website industry, and it would show your client how consistent you are with your job. They would remember this, and this would give you more reason to convince them to hire you for their company.

How to Make a Website Portfolio

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