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How to Create a Website Free of Cost

There are many videos that offer tutorials on how to create a website free of cost. 


There are many different free website builders available, but only one is truly free.

Sitebuilder is one of them.

It’s a great choice for beginners, but don’t get too carried away!

If you need a site that’s fully customizable and has a lot of features, go with Sitebuilder.

You can choose from 300+ templates and drag and drop elements to design your site the way you want.

There are many benefits to using a free website builder, including best-in-class hosting and fast site building.

WebNode is another free website creator that’s simple to use and customizable.

It’s compatible with IOS, Android, and Mac devices and offers free site statistics.

Jimdo, a German-based website creator, is another good choice.

It offers nine different languages and a mobile app.

It’s a great option for beginners who don’t have a lot of time to devote to creating their site.

Squarespace is another free website builder that supports WordPress.

You can choose from more than two hundred templates categorized by industry.

Unfortunately, Squarespace templates are not responsive.

However, the free version does come with a decent selection of templates and helpful support.

However, there’s a catch to Squarespace.

While it’s free, it’s limited to fifteen pages.

In addition, it won’t let you use SEO options.


If you’re a small business owner with limited time, a free website creator like Weebly is a great option.

In addition to offering a free site, Weebly lets you share your site’s URL with friends and followers through email and social media.

A professional plan also lets you build e-commerce sites and integrate Facebook ads.

We’ll talk more about those features below.

The free version of Weebly is simple and easy to use, with a “guided” drop & drag editor to create a custom site.

It’s best for a small personal website or a simple online store.

However, this free website creator is not suitable for more complicated sites.

You should also purchase your own web domain before using Weebly.

Regardless of the limitations of Weebly, it’s well worth a try.

Weebly’s App Center has hundreds of useful apps you can add to your site.

While the editor comes with basic features like a blog, photo gallery, and contact form, you can also download premium apps and add them to your site.

These apps include FAQ sections and “Back to Top” buttons.

Weebly has hundreds of apps available, including an Instagram feed, pricing tables, accordion tabs, Facebook like buttons, and Facebook Messenger.

SEO is very important these days, and Weebly allows you to edit your site’s content to boost its rankings in search engines.

Their SEO Starter checklist is easy to follow, and they also offer integrations with Google Analytics and other third-party applications.

As an SEO-friendly website builder, Weebly is a good option for long-tail and competitive keywords.

There’s also an opportunity to add email marketing and monetize your site with ads.


With Pixpa, anyone can build a stunning website without touching code.

You can set up a full-featured eCommerce website in less than an hour.

Moreover, you can add features like a social media feed, calendar page, and guestbook to your website.

You can also embed Google maps and embed videos.

This website builder also allows you to add multimedia content, social media connections, and SEO parameters.

If you’re an artist, you can use Pixpa’s gallery feature to showcase your work to clients.

The Pixpa editor provides you with many customizable features, including image layouts, captions, and IPTC data import.

You can also display your galleries in over 20 different layout styles.

Lastly, you can also use Pixpa’s blogging platform.

You can choose from a variety of layouts for your blog, embed videos, or upload your own photos.

The platform includes a guide for beginners.

You can use Pixpa to build full-featured blogs or businesses with its extensive feature set.

It includes HTML code and JS script integration, which means that you can customize your website the way you want.

Pixpa has 55 customizable templates that are fully customizable, mobile-friendly, and ready-to-use.

You can start creating a site within minutes.

It is free, and you can even build an app gallery.


If you are planning to build a blog, Strikingly can help you out with that too.

Although it doesn’t have a blogging section by default, you can add that section yourself.

Strikingly offers several tools that will help you improve your blogging efforts.

These include SEO tools, email marketing, newsletter signup forms, and built-in analytics.

It doesn’t cost a penny to create a blog with Strikingly, so it’s well worth checking it out.

Strikingly also has a free domain name option.

For this reason, you shouldn’t use special characters unless you absolutely need to.

Most people will use their company name as their domain name, and others will use a keyword associated with their content.

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll need to know how to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and is related to your content.

If you’re considering creating a blog on Strikingly, there are several features that you’ll love.

The free package comes with a free domain, and each year, you can upgrade if you wish.

It has a simple store option and can support up to 300 products.

Other features include multiple pages, embed HTML and CSS, and a password-protected website.

Lastly, you can upload your own font if you like.


Duda is a free website creator that lets you build websites quickly and easily.

The interface is simple and the process is quick too, with one step required to create an account and no credit card required to start.

If you want to build a site for yourself, it’s perfect because you can customize templates to suit your needs and get up and running quickly.

And you don’t have to worry about coding either, as templates are easily customizable.

Before editing a site, you should set up the settings and populate the content with relevant information about your business.

Once you’ve done this, you can bulk import your content from another website or use the import feature to import assets and images.

The website will look like it was created on another platform.

When finished, click on the “Publish” button to start generating traffic for your website.

You can also edit the site and make changes later.

Support is available 24/7 for any questions or issues.

In the help center, you can search for articles and videos.

Alternatively, you can chat with a customer representative who’ll answer your questions.

The site also has social media profiles and a blog that is packed with helpful articles.

For more information, check out Google’s Japanese version.

It’s full of useful information and looks great.

A free version won’t let you add your own links to social networks.


There are many plugins for WordPress that you can download for free.

One of them is ShareThis, which lets you add social media sharing buttons to your WordPress pages.

Another is CSS Hero, which allows you to make changes without knowing any CSS.

Fewer plugins mean a faster website.

If you are new to WordPress, you might want to read our tutorial on how to get started.

But before you go ahead and download the plugins, it’s important to read the documentation.

Once you have installed WordPress, you can begin building your website.

However, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting.

In addition, you’ll have to renew your domain and hosting contracts on a regular basis.

In this way, you’ll avoid expensive domain and hosting fees.

And don’t forget that WordPress websites are flexible, which means you can easily change them to meet your evolving needs.

WordPress templates are easy to customize, so you won’t have to pay for a designer to make your website look professional.

Then you can choose from a variety of premium themes and plugins that are already built on WordPress.

When your website starts to get a lot of visitors, you can invest in a premium theme.

Most of these themes have money-back guarantees and free trials.

But, if you’re looking for a website for free, you may want to consider a custom-built website if you have the funds for it.

How to Create a Website Free of Cost

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