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Graphic Design and Web Development

Graphic designers and web developers are both highly skilled, creative professionals. They have an eye for design and a keen sense of how to bring images and text together to create something truly spectacular. The two fields share the same values: combining cutting-edge design principles with the latest technological advances. Both are incredibly rewarding careers, and can be quite lucrative, too. Let’s take a closer look at each. You might find the career of your dreams right now!


A career in graphic design involves a variety of specialized skills, including creating graphical user interfaces for websites and other applications. In addition to making websites look good, graphic designers create the layouts and pages within them. Other fields within the field of web design include multimedia developers, who apply graphic design skills to sound and motion. Content developers produce written, video, and audio content. Generally, graphic designers are highly creative, intuitive, and sensitive.

A degree in graphic design or web development is not sufficient to become a professional in the field. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is required for web designers. Web developers often hold a four-year degree. The job also requires extensive experience and the ability to learn new software tools. Some people are more interested in the creative side of design, but web development may be a better fit for those with more technical skills.


The Internet has transformed the world and allowed individuals, corporations, and organizations to reach new heights. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in this field are expected to grow faster than average over the next few years. If you are interested in joining this growing field, an education in web design and development can help you get started. This certificate will teach you the fundamental elements of creating a website. In addition, this program is WIOA certified, which means that it is acceptable to apply for financial aid if you are currently employed by a company.

The degree programs offered by colleges and universities vary in content and format. Usually, web design degrees are offered at the certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s level. The latter two degrees offer specialized knowledge in a specific field. While it is rare to earn a master’s degree in web development, these degrees are beneficial for preparing students for higher-level positions. The programs at Pratt Institute are hands-on, project-based, and taught by industry professionals.

Job duties

In a web design and development company, the main job duties of a designer are to develop the visual design stages of the website. They are responsible for ensuring the overall look and feel of a website, as well as incorporating features and functionalities. They also work with various content management systems. Lastly, they implement design concepts and incorporate them into the site’s structure and functionality. A graphic designer must have a relevant diploma and have the requisite knowledge of graphic design software, front-end web development web programming languages, search engine optimization principles, cross-brows compatibility, and web coding.

Depending on the type of employer, entry to a web design and development job will vary. A Level 5 qualification is sufficient, but employers may also require work experience and a portfolio of recent work. Some employers prefer postgraduate qualifications, as they give designers a specialisation. However, a portfolio of previous work is important, both in hard copy and digital form. It is crucial for web designers to have a portfolio that shows their work and demonstrates their skills.


If you’re interested in earning a high salary as a designer, you can specialize in one or several areas of the web. Web designers can specialize in UX design, product design, or user interface design. There are also many different platforms that web designers can use, including InVision, Sketch, and Axure. The following is a breakdown of some of the more common salary ranges for these jobs.

Entry-level web designers are recent graduates with no prior work experience. They make around $49,750 a year. Entry-level web designers typically start at $75 per hour and can expect to earn more if they have experience. A starting rate of $75 per hour is a good start rate for a freelancer, but most companies will not pay you that unless you have more experience. However, as your skills and experience increase, you can charge higher rates. As with any job, salary is also highly dependent on location.

Graphic Design and Web Development

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